Mission StatementThe North Tonawanda Climate Smart Task Force empowers our city to address the impact of climate change through education, community building, and measurable actions.


CreationThis task force was founded by Alderman Tylec and was approved by the former Mayor in 2021. The resolution that created this task force is linked here.  /documents//Common Council Resolution.pdf                                                                                                                                               

                                                                                                                                               Click on the link below for a Updates from the Task Force 

Links https://climatesmart.ny.gov/                                                                                          2023-CSC Task Force 2023 Update.pdf                                                              

     /documents//Climate Smart Task Force Bylaws.rtf                                              


Reports/documents//NT_2020 Benchmarking Report.pdf

                   /documents//NT_2021 Benchmarking Report.pdf

                   /documents//NT_GHG Inventory_Final.pdf


                      Deborah Gondek (Chair) Email: [email protected]

                      Erin Robinson (Vice Chair)

                      Emily Root (Secretary)

                      Tim Pieper (Member)

                      Austin Tylec (Member)

                      Mike Tuzzo (Member)

                      Jim Berry (Member)

                      Jack Kanack (Member)

                      Mustafa Aljassar (Member)

                      Brian Conley (Advisor) 

                      Jason Kulaszewski (Advisor)

Meeting DatesOn the 2nd Wednesday of every month, 

                       The Task Force meets from 5pm-6pm in the 2nd Floor Conference Room at City Hall 


             Meeting Minutes:

             January 2023-CSC Mtg Minutes January 11, 2023.pdf

              February 2023-CSC Mtg Minutes February 8, 2023.pdf

              March 2023- CSC Mtg Minutes March 8, 2023.pdf

              April 2023- CSC Mtg Minutes April 12, 2023.pdf

              May 2023- CSC Mtg Minutes May 10, 2023.pdf

              June 2023- CSC Mtg Minutes June 14 2023.pdf

              July 2023-CSC Mtg Minutes July 12 2023.pdf

              August 9 -CSC Mtg. Minutes 2023.pdf