Mayor's Office 

           City of North Tonawanda - Educational Poster for JOULE -click here to open


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     Clerk/Treasurer's Office


   Planning & Zoning Plans are available for viewing at the Clerk's Office 

  •   Friendly Reminders from the Clerk/Treasurer's Office:

  •           Dates for Taxes:                                                         
  •  City Taxes mailed -April 1st -
  •    City Taxes Due May 5th                                                          
  •  School Tax to be mailed  September 1st

Water Meter Readings: 

Please take note that after 2 Consecutive estimates a $25.00 fee will be applied each quarter until read.

 Water meter readings are due this month by January 24th.  Drop off or read on line at: North Tonawanda NY (


  Event Permit Application: Special Events Permit.pdf

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         2023-WIFI RFP FINAL.pdf

         City of NT- LWRP and Comp Plan RFP.pdf

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 Assessor-2023 City NT TENTATIVE Assessment Roll.pdf

 Engineer Department-Storm Water-2023.05.16 NT Annual Report DRAFT.pdf


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      June 2023.pdf

      May 2023.pdf


 Report a Street Light Outage

  • In order to report a steet light , you will need to know the following:
  • 1. Address closest to the Pole that is malfuntioning.
  • 2. The POLE NUMBER located on the pole.
  • 3. Closest intersection to the [ole.
  • 4. Your contact infromation and email address
  • 5. Identify the problem with the pole that you are reporting
  • Please be patient, it usually takes several weeks for street light to be repaired:
  •  Link-----                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Community Information:  

Great opportunity for Commercial Properties-Click link below

2023-Program Information sheet and application FINAL.





NT Trail Ext SEQR Environmental Review.pdf

NTAWQR2021.pdf-Annual Quality Water Report

Assessor-2022- City NT Final Roll by LOCATION.pdf

Volunteers Needed at Twin City Meals on Wheels-Information link below 

Volunteer Notice.pdf


Committees and Board Members: